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To buy wedding and engagement rings online visit Tigerbay Jewels today!

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    Naturally Exceptional

    Tigerbay Jewels offers a modern approach to celebrating life's most cherished traditions with an incredible selection of naturally exceptional rings and jewellery for engagements, holidays and milestone events.

    Gents Rings On Sale!

    Dont pay retail prices buy direct from Tigerbay Jewels and save!

    Love that's limitless

    Choose from our brilliant collection of ladies engagement rings

    Ethically Sourced

    Ethically Sourced

    All our diamonds are ethically sourced and certified by one of the leading international diamond grading organisations for your peace of mind. 

    Tigerbay Jewels customers can feel extremely confident that Tigerbay Jewels is making every effort to retail diamond gemstones obtained from ethical sources.

    Design Her Dream Diamond Ring

    Design Her Dream Diamond Ring

    Finding the right engagement ring can be challenging and frustrating. We'd like to change that. Rather than searching through thousands of rings in search of the right one, we'll work together to design it. From concept to creation, till you’re both crying tears of joy, we'll be your personal guide to creating the perfect ring.

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