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What's the best information I need to have to get the best quality and price?

Step #1 

Is the Diamond GIA certified (you can ask for the certification number) 

If “No” then the quality and specifications (the 4 c’s) cannot be verified against the worlds best standards or practise…. 9/10 times if there is no GIA certification the seller does not want you to get a fair comparison on the 4c,s and  price, and the likelihood is you are paying too much!!

If “Yes” GREAT!!!! Congratulations you have past the first quality gate, to be able to compare our quality and price against theirs.

 Step #2

What type of Gold/ Metal are you purchasing?

In Australia 90% of manufacturing is done in 9ct/18ct White, Yellow or Rose Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Zirconium.

 If the Jewellery you are looking at does not have the above specification and is 10ct, 14ct Gold this is not a typical Australian standard and the likely hood is that it is mass manufactured and being sold to you to make it hard to compare prices accurately in the market place.

If the Jewellery you are looking at is 9ct/18ct White,Yellow or Rose Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Zirconium then….. 


Your homework has got you through the second quality gate of true comparison with Tigerbay Jewels!

Step #3

What is the Total Diamond Weight (TDW) and why is it important?

 Just like in step 1 asking for a GIA diamond you should ask what the Total Diamond Weight of your ring is, this will ensure you can compare your jewellery with Tigerbay jewels. Asking for a break-down of the weight of the centre stone and accompanying stones in the ring will help you understand what Total Diamond Weight (TDW) is.

One of the ways the customer finds it hard to compare prices is because the Total Diamond Weight (TDW) is not something most advertiser's put up in lights, mainly because they want to WOW you with their pictures and disguise the lack of value they are offering, so it is crucial when you enquire about price you ask about the TDW. Tigerbay Jewels not only WOW’s you with pictures of our beautiful jewellery we make a point of calling out EXACTLY what weight and quality your diamonds and jewellery are showing you we are the best quality and value for money.


You've arrived!!

Now all you need to do is show us a Picture/ design of what you want, provide the details of your diamond and gold type, the price you have been quoted or your budget and let us make you a spectacular ring of the highest quality while we help you make a great saving on your purchase!

"Its just that simple!!" 



Can I track my order?
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Yes, we use Australia Post Platinum service.

Where do you ship to?
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We currently ship to Australia only.

What are your shipping rates?
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Shipping In free in Australia.